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Olin Brass „High Performance Metal“

Over 90 years of experience, technical know-how, and first-class production has made Olin Brass one of the leading producers for copper and copper alloys.

Because of our closeworking relationship with Olin Brass since 2003, we are able to provide ultra-thin, high-tech material in Germany and throughout Europe.

The alloys from Olin Brass have been specifically developed for use in the automobile- and electronics industries.

For more information or a consultation on the diverse application possibilities of our high performance metals for your next project , please contact:

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Quick Overview:

Olin 151 Single or double sided coating
Olin 197 Alloy with high conductibility
Olin C199 Alloy with high tensile strength
Olin C110 (XTF Foil) Thickness from 1-5 µm (on Carrier foil)

Available Widths:

Copper: 2,3 – 710,0 mm
Aluminium: 2,3 – 1585,0 mm
Stainless steel: 2,3 – 1585,0 mm